What’s the name of that pig?

Photo of a Happy Pasture Raised Pork

A customer bought some tenderloin today and wanted to know the name of the pig it came from. He was disappointed when we didn’t know. Now we had named all of the pigs but we don’t know which one is which after they had been processed. He explained that he and his wife were almost vegetarian. Knowing the care and treatment of the animals they ate was important.

There are many reasons people want to eat meat they can buy from farmers like us. Some people want the pastured non-GMO for the health benefits. No matter what you think about GMO the fact that the grain is modified to allow pesticides to be sprayed on the plant multiple times means the animals are eating pesticides.

Some people truly believe it is more patriotic to buy local. Keeping the distance from the source of the food low means less fuel is bought and less foreign oil dependence.

Some want humanely raised animals. Many of the people we meet at the Farmer’s Market fall into this category. They don’t want animals raised inside, crowded together on concrete. Our pigs get to play and root around in the pasture and the woods.

Today, it was hot and as I changed out their water I sprayed the water into the air. The pigs ran in circles under the falling water. They were truly happy, wagging their tails, snorting and grunting. Then they rolled in the mud before coming up to rub on my leg wanting to be scratched behind the ear.

I really don’t want to remember the name of the one that gave us the tenderloin.