Price Sheet

Thank you for your interest in purchasing some of our high quality meat! Please contact us ahead of time when ordering in large quantities.


Whole Hog $2.65/pound live weight
Half Hog $2.90/pound live weight

Pork Retail Cuts
Bacon $10.49/lb.
Sausage $7.00/lb.
Chorizo $7.00/lb.
Hot Dogs $8.00 per pack
Brats $8.00 per pack
Pork Chops $8.50/lb.
Pork Steak $8.00/lb.
Ham Steak $8.00/lb.
Ham Ends $8.00/lb.
Whole Ham $8.00/lb.
Shoulder Roast $8.00/lb.
Ham Hocks $8.00/lb.
Pork Tenderloin $11.49/lb.
Boneless Loin $9.00/lb.
Baby Back Ribs $9.49/lb.
Spare Rib $5.50/lb.
Neck Bones $3.00/lb.


Whole Chicken:
1 Chicken $4.00/lb.
10 Chickens $3.75/lb.
20 Chickens $3.50/lb.
40 Chickens $3.25/lb.


Chicken Retail Cuts
Bone in Breast $8.50/lb.
Drumsticks $5.50/lb.
Wings $4.50/lb.
Frames $3.00/lb.
Hearts $3.50/lb.
Livers $3.50/lb.
Thighs $6.50/lb.

20# Retail cuts 5% off
40# Retail cuts 10% off

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